If you have a problem you cannot solve, we can help.

Needs and requirements are ever changing and require flexibility. Our practical employees are well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. For a strong partner by your side, choose Oscar Fäh. Whether seat, air conditioning or filter technology or e-mobility, we will find the right solution for you.

Control from an ergonomic seat

Arriving safely at your destination depends on the person behind the steering wheel. An Oscar Fäh conversion allows full control without having to leave the seat, ensuring the driver is not distracted from the task at hand. The ergonomic driver’s seat is custom adjustable too, and tailored to every need. A novel Oscar Fäh solution that meets a need never before fulfilled by a standard driver’s seat solution.

Swiss Federal Railways use seats from Oscar Fäh

Almost all driver cabins on Swiss Federal Railways are equipped with a driver’s seat from Oscar Fäh. And, as if that weren’t enough, we are working with SBB on the development of new solutions to improve the health of drivers and, by extension, efficiency.

Oscar Fäh’s fire service ensures safety in the engine compartment

Any engine can overheat. To prevent damage to people and vehicles, Oscar Fäh has designed a tailored solution for preventing fire in engine compartments. Our innovative new developments in the field of extinguishing technology have already proven their worth in practical use, e.g. in all SwissAlpin buses from Hess AG.