Components for future drive technologies

Electromobility, whether with a fuel cell or purely electric, is regarded as the central element of a climate friendly transport policy based on renewable energies. Oscar Fäh AG supplies a vast range of components for this.


Compact and powerful across all performance categories

Electric liquid pumps from Valeo are used to cool battery cells among other things in hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles. The compact circulation pumps operate reliably even at ambient temperatures of 95°C and are currently regarded as the best solution worldwide in the field of water pumps.

Performance and life span of battery systems

The battery packs of electric vehicles are temperature sensitive. They perform at their best when neither too cold nor too hot. We supply a wide range of components for efficient temperature management, like electric coolers or high-voltage heaters, helping you to ensure a consistent performance and long service life.

Effective protection for high-voltage batteries

Stationary batteries store renewable energy from photovoltaic systems or wind farms. Regardless of the shape, size or design of the batteries, they must all be protected against overheating, mechanical damage, dirt and moisture.

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