February 12, 2021 | Time to read: 3 min

Plastic joining technology

From 1 January 2021, Oscar Fäh AG will start supplying plastic joining technology to the plastics sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Text: Nunzio Tempone

Our cooperation with distribution partners Sonic Italia SRL and Euromodel Engineering SRL enables us to supply you with hot-plate, ultrasound and laser welding units. Our partners are also currently working on a new vibration welding method set to be launched on the market before the end of this year. These two partners and our knowledge from years of experience in plastic joining technology allow us to offer you a strong package complete with the following advantages:

  • Fast technical advice, clarification, quotes and after-sales service
  • Short communication channels with the same point of contac
  • All methods for joining plastics and cutting textiles and foodstuff
  • Components for machine builders
  • Stockable standard
  • Special machine manufacture
  • Tool manufacture
  • Cost-effective machiner
  • Purchase of your old machines in some cases
  • Contract welding

We would be delighted to demonstrate and offer these services to you at the next available opportunity.


Hot plate welding