Equipment for efficient, cost-effective disinfection

Our experience with the spread of the COVID-19 virus has taught us that protection against viruses and bacteria has never been more important. Oscar Fäh AG provides only the (proven) best disinfectant for common-use areas and public transport. Whether a disinfectant dispenser or one of our innovative air purification systems – Oscar Fäh offers effective means of prevention.

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Disinfection device Air2san

Solution for vehicle and workplace disinfection

Disinfection has become one of the most frequent routine measures in offices, workshops and on public transport. One cost-effective solution is short-term ozone room flooding to guarantee the elimination of bacteria and viruses. After the flooding, the ozone is converted into oxygen. Healthy air quality is guaranteed once cleaning is completed.

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Disinfecting hands when getting in and out

With this disinfectant holder for on-the-go use, Oscar Fäh is meeting a very current customer requirement. The space-saving dispenser holder can be mounted in any vehicle. This could be on handrails or side walls for instance, so that passengers can thoroughly disinfect their hands when getting on and off.

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